Great White Trillium



TRILLIUM Handwoven Clothing:
How to Reach Us

mailing address (for letters):
Handwoven Clothing
680 Little Bald Branch Road
Hot Springs NC 28743
phone: 1-800-327-8448
(shared with Earth Guild)
fax: (828) 255-8593
shipping address (for packages):
TRILLIUM /Earth Guild
33 Haywood Street
Asheville NC 28801
Our studio, way up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, is at the end of almost a mile of un-improved road. We try not to make the UPS driver come up too often. Packages that come in the mail and won't fit into our mailbox (at the bottom of the road) can get left out in the weather. Please use the Asheville shipping address for all packages.
The phone number is for our studio. If none of us is there, you may be referred to another number, or you can leave a message and we will call you back.

Blue Ridge Mountains