Great White Trillium

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TRILLIUM Handwoven Clothing:
Who we are and what we do

After 45 years, Trillium is reluctantly winding down. We still have many scarves on hand, but as the various lengths of each colorway are gone, they may not be replaced. As of February 2024, we still have most of the colorways in Short, a good many in Medium, and just a few in Long. We will do the best we can to find something that works for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Our studio is high in the Appalachian mountains, at the very western end of North Carolina, almost to Tennessee. Spring always brings a profusion and variety of Trillium flowers to amaze and delight us. These flowers have three of everything — leaves, sepal, petals. Since we began as three weavers, we chose their name for our weaving business. Many things have changed since Trillium Handwoven Clothing started in 1978, but the spring bloom charms and sustains us every time.

Everything we make is handwoven. We wind our warps (the length-wise, striped, set of threads that goes on the loom first) by hand, each one at least a little bit different from all the others. And we weave with a hand-shuttle, building the fabric a pick at a time. We hem-stitch the fringe at either end by hand, on-loom. When the warp comes off the loom, the fabric is washed and dried (this one time only, please dry-clean our scarves and shawls thereafter), to give it it's characteristic flowing, velvety texture.

We use rayon chenille, custom-dyed to a constantly evolving full-range palette of colors. The warp stripes that characterize our work blend and soften when the weft is added and the fabric is finished. Pieces from the same color-set will have similar colors in similar proportions, but the exact striping patterns will vary. Please go to "WHAT WE MAKE" for details.